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 Video Clips of Hall's Original Suckers being made!
 length: 76 sec.   size: 3.26 M   format: wmv
 Step 1 - mixing and cooking the ingredients
 length: 115 sec.   size: 4.97 M   format: wmv
 Step 2 - cooling down the candy
 length: 80 sec.   size: 3.37 M   format: wmv
 Step 3 - preparing the candy for the Sucker making machine
video clip 4
 length: 52 sec.   size: 2.20 M   format: wmv
 Step 4 - here come the Suckers
 length: 56 sec.   size: 2.40 M   format: wmv
 Step 5 - Suckers in full production

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